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"بصراحه الحصص كلها كانت مميزه جدا وفي خبره واضحه للمدرسين ومهارات عاليه جزاكم الله علي المجهود الرائع ده ونتمني لكم مزيد من التوفيف والنجاح "


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About Us

Welcome To EduRich Academy

At EduRich, we adopt professional approaches to support every single learner and instill thinking and learning
skills for long life development and acquisition of all the twenty first century skills.

We are committed to implementing best practices in the educational field and empowering learners with the skills, knowledge and positive attitudes. We are highly dedicated to respecting diversity and responding to the individual differences among learners


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جزاكم الله كل الخير حصه اللغه العربيه الصف السادس اليوم كانت اكتر من رائعه شكرا علي الاختيار الموفق والمتميز لميس منال بجد استفدنا جدا"
- Mother-

Our Services

Our special services for you.

English Courses

Online English language courses to teach the four skills of the English language with the most powerful international curricula from Oxford with the most skilled teachers with long experience.

Story Writing in Arabic

Creative Writing Workshop "Writing the Short Story in Arabic" with the novelist / Alaa Ahmed to develop language and rhetoric skills, develop imagination, link events, and weave stories.

Graphic Design

Our children have a lot of time in the summer, and they sit for hours on the tablet or the phone, so we can use this for useful needs and teach them graphic Design.

Our Vision

Our Vision

At EduRich Academy, we are dedicated to advancing quality and innovation in digital education. We strive to empower all learners of diverse needs with lifelong skills in the rapidly evolving world , and individualize learning to fulfil aspirations in a dynamic global society.

في أكاديمية ايدو ريتش، نحن ملتزمون بتطوير الجودة والابتكار في التعليم الرقمي. نحن نسعى جاهدين لتمكين جميع المتعلمين من ذوي الاحتياجات المتنوعة بمهارات مدى الحياة في عالم سريع التطور لإضفاء الطابع الفردي على التعلم لتحقيق التطلعات في مجتمع عالمي ديناميكي


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